Established in 1988, Convenience Concepts was forged with the simple premise of promising integrity, ingenuity and value to the consumer. This foundation has always been our main focus and has helped us to become a leader in the modern furniture marketplace. We have never lost sight of this vision and are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence and always making the consumer our top priority. In our world, we believe quality and value should always go hand in hand.

Our philosophy is one imbedded deeply in the American spirit itself. How can we build it better, ship it faster or provide a higher quality of customer service than our competition? A perfect example would be our commitment to the highest customer satisfaction possible. While it has become common place for companies to outsource their customer service departments to other countries in effort to control costs, we have taken the opposite approach. It is our belief that if you buy it in America, it should be serviced in America. Rest assured that when you contact one of our representatives, you will speak to someone right here in the USA, who understands your concerns and will offer the same commitment to satisfaction they would expect themselves. Whether it is help with assembly instructions or finding a replacement part, we will go the distance to earn your approval. We are also strategically headquartered in Chicago, Illinois; providing a central location for the absolute fastest response time to our customer requests.

Our innovative designs are another area that separates us from many other companies. Driven to offer the consumer the ability to truly customize their living space, we offer something to fit virtually every individual style and taste. From modern and cutting-edge design to timeless traditional influences, you can be sure to find something for even the most discerning individual.

To top it all off is our unwavering commitment to putting the highest standards of quality into every product we make. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials available. Whether you choose products made with real wood, stainless steel, durable laminates or tempered glass, you can count on getting the absolute highest return on your investment.

At Convenience Concepts our mission is simple…….. To offer the consumer the latest designs, the highest quality and the best value humanly possible.